Father's Day is the time to honor all Fathers anywhere. Father's Day is the special moment to tell your Dad how much he means to you with handmade Father's Day crafts
and Father's Day Cards. Find Father's Day gift ideas, Father's Day poems and many other resources to make this Fathers Day a special Day.


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Father's Day Card
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Father's Day is a celebration for Dad. To honor all the father figures in our life.
Find great ideas for handmade Father's Day cards, Father's Day crafts, poems and many other resources and gift ideas for Dad.

Father's Day Craft

Make Dad is own BBQ sauce!

Dad's BBQ Sauce

What you need:

BBQ Sauce Recipe
Empty Beer Bottle
Wine Cork
Transparent Adhesive Paper
Picture of Kid and Dad
Small piece of fabric


Father's day craft

What you do:

Choose BBQ recipe and make your special BBQ sauce for DAD. Clean beer bottle and fill with your sauce. Cap the bottle with a wine cork. Print and color label and glue your picture on it. Cut adhesive paper slightly bigger than the label. See pattern. Remove protective paper from adhesive paper and lay flat on table. Turn label upside down and place on adhesive paper. Press label on bottle. Cut a cicle out of a small piece of fabric and attach with a rubber band around the wine cork. Voila! Use the Father's Day BBQ card to give this special homemade specialty to your DAD.

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